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HEVHybrid Electric Vehicle
HEVHepatitis E Virus
HEVHigh Endothelial Venules
HEVHendra Virus
HEVHigh Ecological Value
HEVHazardous Environment (Half-Life game)
HEVHemagglutinating Encephalomyelitis Virus
HEVHemorrhagic Enteritis Virus
HEVHuman Entry Vehicle (gaming drop pod in, Halo)
HEVHealth & Environment
HEVHemorrhagic Endovasculitis
HEVHelyi Érdekû Vasút (suburban railway, Budapest, Hungary)
HEVHazardous Environment Vehicle (gaming)
HEVHigh-End Visualization
HEVHolding Excercise Volume (urology)
HEVHigh Entertainment Value
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Risk factors for recurrence of hemorrhagic endovasculitis of the placenta.
Hemorrhagic endovasculitis of the placenta: an indepth morphologic appraisal with initial clinical and epidemiologic observations.
Hemorrhagic endovasculitis was identified in 987 (11.
Hemorrhagic endovasculitis was subclassified as to form by designating active-vasodestructive (Figure 1), bland (Figure 2), and healed forms.
Hemorrhagic endovasculitis was rarely identified as a single lesion; most often, HEV occurred together with 1 (12%), 2 (45%), or 3 (42%) coexistent lesions.
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