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HERALDSHarbor Echo Ranging and Listening Devices (US Navy)
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Herald bodies were assembled from sub-sections ( front-end panels, mid section, roof panel and rear wings/boot ( made for Standard-Triumph by outside suppliers.
The Herald Saloon featured two doors, a roomy boot and had the front-hinged bonnet assembly also common to the rest of the range.
Every new movement has its own charism and, for the Heralds, this is a deep desire to seek perfection in all they do in obedience to Christ's command, "Be perfect just as your Heavenly Father is perfect." Whether in daily life or in their apostolic work, they seek to do everything with the splendour of truth and the splendour of goodness, namely, with beauty.
Aware of the important role of art and culture in evangelization, the Heralds have a special talent for music and have formed a number of musical ensembles for their ministry.
[23] The Derby House Conference, at which Hoby and Sir George Carew presided, was held to hear heralds' grievances and to review procedures used in visitations and the granting of coats of arms.
The name of herald had become odious, he remarked, because of the lewd behavior of a few, and as a consequence the esteem in which heralds were once held was in decline.
Score one for the 107-year-old Daily Cardinal in its unique newspaper war with the surprising upstart Herald, founded in 1969.
Cardinal and Herald staffers play their own football game each fall and a softball game each spring.
From there, Bocian went to the Boston Herald, which ran the half-page ad in its original form.
That's why Bocian felt comfortable in approaching the Herald in relationship to this partnership.
With long-distance printing just a push button away, the Herald is producing its international edition on several Caribbean islands to serve vacationers and expatriates.
The Herald and One Caribbean Media -- a diversified company that publishes the Express and operates television and radio networks -- will share news reports during the summit, which will be attended by leaders around the hemisphere including President Barack Obama.