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HEREHotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union
HEREHotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union (now UNITE HERE)
HEREHealth Education Resource Exchange (Washington; online public health resources)
HEREHomeland Emergency Response Exchange (various locations)
HEREHouston Enriches Rice Education (Rice University; Texas)
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"I don't like to leave you here," I said to Provis, "though I cannot doubt your being safer here than near me.
comes Cancer the Crab, and drags us back; and here, going from Virtue, Leo, a roaring Lion, lies in the path --he gives a few fierce bites and surly dabs with his paw; we escape, and hail Virgo, the Virgin!
And I, you, and he; and we, ye, and they, are all bats; and I'm a crow, especially when I stand a'top of this pine tree here. Caw!
With hundreds of ships loading and unloading on this side right into the freight cars of three big railroads, factories will start up over here instead of crossing to San Francisco.
'Gentlemen,' I say, 'here's all the natural advantages for a great metropolis.
'Here's blessing you, ma'am, as a good lady, and you, sir, as a good gentleman, and Barbara, my love to you, and here's towards you, Mr Christopher;' and wasn't she as long drinking it as if it had been a tumblerful; and didn't she look genteel, standing there with her gloves on; and wasn't there plenty of laughing and talking among them as they reviewed all these things upon the top of the coach, and didn't they pity the people who hadn't got a holiday!
Here's this poor old innocent bird o' mine swearing blue fire, and none the wiser, you may lay to that.
"Well, Bert an' Mary, here you are at Saxon's and my wedding supper.
Peggotty, 'and here's Ham come fur to take you home.
When your husband that'll be so soon, is here fur to take you home?
'Ask these good people who's the hard man here. They'll tell you Pancks, I believe.'
'Here's the Stop,' said Pancks, 'that sets the tune to be ground.