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Although there is good literature review published regarding cases of hereditary multiple exostoses, however, only a few cases have been reported in Puerto Rico.
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For a review on hereditary multiple exostoses, please see the article by Wicklund et al.
l The support group can be contacted on 01438 861866 or by email at hmesg@ox FACT FILE What is Hereditary Multiple Exostoses?Hereditary Multiple Exostoses (also known as HME, EXT, MHE, Diaphyseal Aclasis, Familial Bony Spurs) is a condition which can produce bony lumps close to the end of any bone, but particularly those of the limbs.
The teenager is one of only a few hundred people in the country who has been diagnosed with Hereditary Multiple Exostoses, a painful bone condition.
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The 70s fancy dress event at the Lancastrian Suite of the former Federation Brewery in Dunston aims to raise pounds 15,000 for the rare bone condition Hereditary Multiple Exostoses (HME).
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The achievement of the 12-year-old from Gateshead is all the more commendable as he suffers from a very rare bone condition called hereditary multiple exostoses.
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