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HCEHost Card Emulation (software)
HCEHyundai Construction Equipment (various locations)
HCEHouston Camera Exchange (Houston, TX)
HCEHighly Compensated Employee
HCEHalo Combat Evolved
HCEHalo Custom Edition (game)
HCEHere Comes Everybody (from Finnegan's Wake)
HCEHoliday Cookie Exchange
HCEHexachloroethane (CAS Number 67-72-1)
HCEHealth Care Executive
HCEHousing Consumer Education (various locations)
HCEHealth Care of the Elderly
HCEHome & Community Education
HCEHawaiian Creole English
HCEHealth Care Experience
HCEHeat Collection Element (solar power)
HCEHighly Conserved Element (genes)
HCEHyper-Cerebral Electrosis
HCEHydrocarbon Expelled
HCEHealthcare Entity
HCEHuman Centric Engine (Fujitsu)
HCEHigh Country Electric, Inc. (Las Vegas, NV)
HCEHunter Centre for Entrepreneurship (University of Strathclyde; UK)
HCEHitachi Consulting Europe (est. 2006)
HCEHot Carrier Effect
HCEHeater Control Electronics
HCEHypertext Cultural Experiences (Venice, Italy)
HCEHuman Caused Error
HCEHobie Cat Europe
HCEHardware Configuration Engineer
HCEHarmonie des Chemins de fer d'Epernay (Epernay Railway Wind Orchestra)
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Aggregated "Agree:Disagree:Neutral" Numeric Ratio Table Chemicals Chemicals HHRV Agree: Disagree: Neutral 1,4 Dioxane RfD RfC 6:4:1 OSF IUR 3:1:0 Biphenyl RfD 3:5:0 RfC 1:0:0 OSF 2:1:1 IUR 1:0:0 Cis -Dichloroethylene RfD 2:8:0 RfC 1:1:0 OSF IUR Trans -Dichloroethylene RfD 3:3:0 RfC 0:3:0 OSF IUR Dichloromethane RfD 3:6:1 RfC 4:7:0 OSF 1:4:0 IUR 1:0:0 Hexachloroethane RfD 4:6:0 RfC 3:3:0 OSF 3:0:0 IUR Methanol RfD 6:4:0 RfC 3:6:0 OSF 0:1:0 IUR Trichloroacetic Acid RfD 4:6:0 RfC 0:1:0 OSF 2:0:0 IUR Urea RfD 3:1:0 RfC 4:0:0 OSF 1:0:0 IUR
In addition, the requisitioning and stockpiling of extra rounds of hexachloroethane (HC), white phosphorus, and other smoke-producing munitions would logistically be much easier and cheaper than maintaining a fleet of generators and transporting them to areas where they are needed.
The European Commission adopted a further restriction on 29 October on use of the chemical product hexachloroethane (HCE).
Skylighter's inventory includes acetone, ammonium perchlorate, benzoic acid, boric acid, calcium carbonate, xylene, chlorine, alcohol, sodium fluoaluminate, dextrin, sodium benzoate, guanidine nitrate, hexachloroethane, stearic acid, iodine, lactose, lead tetraoxide, sodium bicarbonate, lead monoxide, methylene chloride, shellac, oxalic acid, chlorinated rubber, polyethylene, tungsten, zinc chromate, sodium salicylate, polyvinyl chloride and sorbitol -- along with such prosaic items as pine rosin, tropical tree resin and rice hulls (coated with burst-powder to break shells).