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A text to parents of children at St George's Primary School in Heaviley, read: "Please may we ask that children using the Bramhall Lane crossing patrol do not 'high-five' Colin when crossing the road.
And the train seemed to be enjoying the lively vibes, with passengers sharing high-fives with the conductor and themselves.
Little Safiya gives Kate an impromptu high-five at Action for Children's children's centre |
"I think you should be able to shake hands, high-five, and maybe a quick hug," he told The Post.
When he picked up his winnings, he was literally shaking with delight, and as he departed the shop I gave him a high-five and we exchanged warm smiles.
So the moral of the story is this: Dating the boy of the month can be rewarding-like for about as long as it takes your girls to give you the "you're-with-HIM?!" high-five. But when it comes to guys who will make you happy in the long run, you might want to breeze past the dude whose only positive attribute is winning the 100-meter hottie race.
He launched the show as "Smith's High-Five," with Smith's Home Furnishing as underwriter, only to see the furniture chain go bankrupt two years later.
The Partner High-Five Drill: for teaching the arm strike and block.
A High Five Team: The instant hands touch during a high-five, energy is received from each other.
There were gasps, then cheers, particularly from the five large-bellied men in front of us, all from San Antonio, who whooped and strained to high-five each other.
Northampton police ended the program, called "High-Five Friday," Saturday.
Some fan-meets have perks like being able to give their idols a high-five.