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HILLHigh Level Language
HILLHigh Industrial Lubricants & Liquids (product sector)
HILLHakuhodo Institute of Life and Living (Japan)
HILLHigh Intensity Laser Laboratory (est. 1994; Department of Experimental Physics; University of Szeged; Szeged, Hungary)
HILLHomeschooling Illinois-Legislation and Learning (blog)
HILLHus Institute for Lay Leadership (Texas)
HILLHealth Informatics Lifelong Learning
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"That will be a hard climb," said the Scarecrow, "but we must get over the hill, nevertheless."
"This hill is dangerous," I said, As we rode on together Through sunny miles and sunny miles Of Surrey heather; "This hill is dangerous--don't you think We'd better walk it?" "Or sit it out--more danger still!" She smiled--"and talk it?"
Miss EYNSFORD HILL [going to him with confident familiarity] How do you do?
LUCIE scrambled up the hill as fast as her stout legs would carry her; she ran along a steep path-way--up and up--until Little--town was right away down below--she could have dropped a pebble down the chimney!
The ascent of the hill of the citadel is very steep, and we proceeded rather slowly.
We had come since sunrise from Bartlett, passing up through the valley of the Saco, which extends between mountainous walls, sometimes with a steep ascent, but often as level as a church aisleú All that day and two preceding ones we had been loitering towards the heart of the White Mountains -- those old crystal hills, whose mysterious brilliancy had gleamed upon our distant wanderings before we thought of visiting them.
The Danes held the camp and the slope where we are standing--the whole crown of the hill, in fact.
Then comes your uncle's place--Lesser Hill. Though it is so close to the Castle, it is not connected with it.
I do not know what they knew of the things happening beyond the hill, nor do I know if the silent houses I passed on my way were sleeping securely, or deserted and empty, or harassed and watching against the terror of the night.
Then the sun came out, and drew forth the good incense of the deodars and the rhododendrons, and that far-off, clean smell which the Hill people call "the smell of the snows." The hot sunshine lasted for a week, and then the rains gathered together for their last downpour, and the water fell in sheets that flayed off the skin of the ground and leaped back in mud.
so-ho- then!" the near leader violently shook his head and everything upon it--like an unusually emphatic horse, denying that the coach could be got up the hill. Whenever the leader made this rattle, the passenger started, as a nervous passenger might, and was disturbed in mind.
She was gone to Sloman's End, a hamlet about three miles off, over the hill, the old woman told him--had set off directly after morning chapel, to preach in a cottage there, as her habit was.