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HOBOHome Owners Bargain Outlet (home improvement store)
HOBOHoe Boy (origin: many hobos worked in the fields and carried their own hoe)
HOBOHamilton Oldtimers' Baseball Organization (Burlington, Ontario, Canada)
HOBOHelping Our Brothers Out, Inc. (Austin, TX)
HOBOHome Office, Business Office
HOBOHoming Optical Bomb
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I think there's huge potential in something like an annual Pride event in Yarm, here at Mint Hobo we are all about doing something different.
When they were in towns, hobos drew special signs to leave other hobos important messages.
A: The black door is heavily linked to the art influence of Hobo.
The Hobo MX2001 offers a number of additional features to streamline water level data collection: It features a non-vented design for convenient and hassle-free deployment, an integrated barometric pressure sensor that eliminates the need to post-process data, and user-replaceable double-A batteries that last up to a year in the field.
Indeed, Granade's focus on Partch's identity as a hobo builds from the biographical work of his predecessors--along with apparent heavy lifting in the Harry Partch Archive at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign--to draw attention back to specific compositions and how they may be understood within the framework of hobo identity.
Hobo spiders - known by the scientific name Tegenaria agrestis - look like common house spiders but are bigger, with thicker, hairy legs.
He is credited with perfecting the hobo symbols system, which served to let other homeless people know of such landmarks as generous people, free food, vicious dogs, etc.
The HOBO UX90 Motor On/Off Logger leverages Onset's HOBOware software, enabling users to plot and analyse equipment runtime data in a few steps.
This small light hearted guide to the hobo lifestyle provides practical advice and instruction for hopping trains and living on the road.
Hobo was injured on July 21 in a Taliban ambush while on operation in dangerous Nahr-e Saraj.
BRAVE bomb sniffer dog Hobo is back on the Afghan front line despite being almost killed when his patrol was hit with grenades.
The new HOBO UX120 Pulse Logger merges functionality of four energy data loggers into one compact unit.