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HAHands (Front Page Sports Football '95 et al)
HAHigh Availability
HAHighly Available
HAHome Agent
HAHeart Attack
HAHospital Authority
HAHousing Authority
HAHome Address
HALa Habana (postcode, Cuba)
HAHome Alone
HAHawaii (old style)
HAHighways Agency (England)
HAHealth Affairs
HAHome Automation (residential housing controls)
HAHealth Assessment
HAHydrogen Alpha
HAHealth Administration
HAHigh Altitude
HAHells Angels
HAHarrow (postcode, United Kingdom)
HAHuman Anatomy (college course)
HAHumanitarian Assistance (US DoD)
HAHistorical Association (various organizations)
HAHyaluronic Acid
HAHumanitarian Assistance
HAHigh Authority
HAHeritage Area (various locations)
HAHospital Acquired (Infection)
HAHidden Ability (Pokémon)
HAHazard Analysis
HAHawaiian Airlines (IATA airline code)
HAHippocampal Atrophy (neurology)
HAHazard Assessment
HAHealth Advisory
HAHemolytic Anemia
HAHumic Acid
HAHolding Area
HAHauptabteilung (German)
HAHigh Assurance
HAHeavy Armor
HAHepatic Artery
HAHousing Allowance
HAHistocompatibility Antigen
HAHour Angle
HAHeterocyclic Amine (food mutagen)
HAHigh Ambient (temperature limit)
HAHospitality Association
HAHigh Achiever
HAHemaglutinin (glycoprotein on influenza virus)
HAHighways Act 1980 (UK)
HAHazardous Area
HAHonorary Alumnus
HAHealthy America
HAHome Assignment
HAHalf Adder
HAHybrid Algorithm
HAHemagglutination Assay
HAHaute Activité (French: High Activity; radioactivity)
HAHostile Aircraft
HAHydrocephalus Association
HAHypnotherapy Association
HAHousehold Activity
HAHarmonic Approximation
HAHeidelberg Appeal
HAHybrid Amplifier
HAHub Architecture
HAHexenyl Acetate
HAHearing Assistant
HAAdopted in the House (approved business of the House of Representatives, North Carolina)
HAHatch Act of 1887
HAHippocampal Asymmetry
HAHardness Assurance (radiation)
HAHarmonic Analyzer
HAHall Angle
HAHospitalman Apprentice (US Navy rating)
HAHalifax Academy (Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina)
HAHack Addict (eZine)
HAHit Avoidance
HAHit Assessment
HAHydraulic Association (UK)
HAHull Array
HAHeavy Assist (nursing)
HAHomelan Alliance (gaming clan)
HAHanford Operations Office (Department of Energy)
HAHowey Academy (Florida)
HAHipuric Acid
HAHeyting Arithmetics
HAHeterodyne Amplifier
HAHersteld Actief (Dutch)
HAHard Copy Text or Drawing
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"IED exploded outside holding area of our Consulate General in Jalalabad.
- President Duterte leaves the holding area; families are soon ferried by government buses back to their homes.
I and many people around me - this included people from Wearside - felt the problem was organisers wanting people in that holding area for as long as possible to spend money on overpriced food and drink.
* The second option was to negotiate with the German government, which was willing to allow continued use of the holding area, but at greatly reduced tonnage.
The flight lead had already started his descent when the wingman asked if he knew the terrain elevation under the holding area. The lead replied, "Not off-hand, but I can see the terrain and we are well clear." Neither pilot had the exercise area chart on board--an item they were required to carry.
The first phase of an expansion aimed at trebling the international departure facilities at Cape Town International came into operation in September with the opening of the new departures holding area in the International Terminal.
Imagine, within days of your scheduled execution, you are moved to a holding area near the prison's death chamber and asked to provide a list of five people who will be allowed to visit.
Contractors are invited to prequalify (by September 17, 1999) for works including: construction of a runway extension of 300 metres, upgrading of the existing runway strip, construction of a holding area, application of markings, installation of airfield ground lighting equipment.
She sat for a day and a half in the holding area until she was summoned for a criminal trial.
'ML Nurhidzra incurred damages to her port side freeboard causing her to take in seawater at the cargo holding area and submerged at her starboard side,' the PCG advisory said.
At the alert holding area, all vehicle and hazardous material documentation is checked, equipment maintenance is inspected, and equipment dimensions and weights are verified.
The shipment is now being held at the container yard of the Sasa Wharf holding area.