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HIWHe Is We (band)
HIWHow It Works (various organizations)
HIWHawaiian Island Weddings
HIWHole in Won (insurance)
HIWHealthcare Inspectorate Wales (independent consumer organization; Caerphilly, Wales, UK)
HIWHole in the Wall
HIWHigh Impact Wrestling
HIWHazardous Industrial Waste
HIWHoliday Inn Worldwide (Atlanta, GA)
HIWHistory in Writing
HIWHigh Intensity War
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Brian legged it out of the house and went to Brenda's mums where he told his girlfriend and her mother about the crazy incident, but when they came back to the flat with him and looked through the hole in the wall they saw nothing but the spare room next door.
By stretching the chain to its limit, I was just about able to peek through the nearest corner of the hole in the wall, and make out the silhouette of the short, thick-set character - the farmer - carrying a torch and moving toward the hole.