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HOLPHeld Object's Last Position (gaming)
HOLPHealth of Londoners Project (UK)
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As for American English, the isolated instances of the suffixless forms hold, holp, and trod, are included in the current summation.
Holp says it will honor its customers' book orders before it closes its business.
Joyce memorably clarifies, concerning his book, "No, so holp me Petault, it is not a miseffectual .
Vernon Tull surmises that he has "never see him with a shirt on that looked like it was his in all my life" and as a result, "Like most folks around here, I done holp him so much already I cant quit now" (AILD 31-32, 33).
Among the 188 four-letter words (not listed) were such possibly unfamiliar terms as agon, baal, deet, geta, holp, lota, luna, mana, mano, mora, nett, puna, sett, sori, taka, tala, tali, tapa, tele, tepa, tipi and toom, the phrase fragments alai, alma, lese, noms and pima and the hyphenated words nono and non-U.