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HDoOHoly Day of Obligation
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A solemn Catholic holy day of obligation commemorating the Holy Eucharist.
Alma de Cuba, Seel Street Christmas is a Holy Day of Obligation, so give a nod to Him upstairs by calling into this former church on your pilgrimage through town.
"You had to prepare to fast because the next day was Ash Wednesday, a holy day of obligation.
Observed as a holy day of obligation by Roman Catholics and as a public holiday in some countries, devotees consider the Feast of the Assumption as the Holy Mother's "heavenly birthday" in remembrance of her glorious departure from her earthly life and her physical assumption into heaven.
The Solemnity of Mary is not a holy day of obligation this year but you are encouraged to attend one of the scheduled Masses.
Driven by lust for Anne Boleyn and desperation for a male heir, the king declared himself head of the Church of England and cut ties with Rome, denying us all the bank holiday a holy day of obligation affords.