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HOMEWORKHalf of My Energy Wasted on Random Knowledge
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Having said that, I believe homework has a place in secondary school students' lives, as long as it has been designed to consolidate, extend and reinforce learning.
According to the superintendent, unlike elementary schools, at least 90 minutes of homework in middle school and more in high school, has been found to positively impact the intellectual growth of students of those standards, (http://www.
But it depends on the day; sometimes I have nothing to do after school, so I wouldn't really mind having homework.
We might forgive the infringement on family time if homework were assigned only when there was good reason to think that this particular task would benefit these particular students, that it will help them think more deeply about questions that matter and create more excitement about learning (and that it can't be done at school).
To measure the process of doing homework, we used an adaptation of the Students' Approaches to Learning Inventory (Rosario et al, 2010; Rosario, Nunez, Ferrando et al, 2013) to homework, taking into account both the students' age and the homework contexts.
Back to our situation, and even after a little research, I must admit, I am still all for homework.
What is needed for the child with LD is recognition in the early grades so that homework assignments can be modified to fit the ability of the student.
Strong views on the efficacy of homework as a teaching and learning strategy appear frequently in the professional literature (Cooper, 1989; Cooper, 2001; Corno, 1996; Gill and Schlossman, 1996; Palardy, 1995, Walker et al.
The consequences for not doing homework are considerably more severe than consequences for schoolwork difficulties.
If we set some homework, it could clash with the school work that he is undertaking in the classroom during day-time lessons.
Parents India magazine has come up with some useful tips to make homework hassle free for your child.
This chapter explains that when teachers assign homework and the child does only partial or no homework, it is the parents who feel responsible for this behaviour.