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60Go (when paging someone, 60 means Go)
60Homicide (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
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lost the one loved being of all beings on earth, and lost him by the hand of a homicide--and that homicide free?
The excessive audacity of this retort so overpowered Mr Chuckster, and so moved his tender regard for his friend's honour, that he declared, if he were not restrained by official considerations, he must certainly have annihilated Kit upon the spot; a resentment of the affront which he did consider, under the extraordinary circumstances of aggravation attending it, could but have met with the proper sanction and approval of a jury of Englishmen, who, he had no doubt, would have returned a verdict of justifiable Homicide, coupled with a high testimony to the morals and character of the Avenger.
Peace," said Don Quixote; "where hast thou ever seen or heard that a knight-errant has been arraigned before a court of justice, however many homicides he may have committed?
Meanwhile, homicide by gun increased substantially and then decreased even more swiftly.
The homicide victimization rates for American males 15 to 24 years of age are eight times higher than those in the next highest country, Italy (Fingerhut & Kleinman, 1990).
Data from the United States and Canada show the risks of homicide are greatest for youngsters 2 years old and younger.
In 1996, Brown founded the Sexual Homicide Exchange (SHE) to provide pro bono behavioral profiling and crime scene analysis services to law enforcement for unsolved murders, sexual homicides or serial predator cases.
We are encouraged to see a decline in the homicide rate among our youth, but, unfortunately, homicide continues to rank in the top three leading causes of death for our young people," said APHA member Linda Degutis, DrPH, MSN, director of CDC's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.
WASHINGTON, April 11, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --Missouri suffers the worst black homicide victimization rate in the nation, yet this weekend in St.
Justifiable homicide information can be found in Expanded Homicide Data Table 14, "Justifiable Homicide, by Weapon, Law Enforcement, 2008-2012" and Expanded Homicide Data Table 15, "Justifiable Homicide, by Weapon, Private Citizen, 20082012.
When I go to a homicide scene, I try to see what the dead person is trying to tell me, as bizarre as that might sound," Coffey said.
The acquittal of Joseph Nesczuk generated scant attention, for this was not an unusual homicide case.