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HOMHead of Mission (US DoD)
HOMHouse of Montague (Denmark)
HOMHomomorphism (mathematics)
HOMHolland, Michigan (Amtrak station code)
HOMHigher Order Modulation (wireless technology)
HOMHierarchical Object Model
HOMHeart of Mary
HOMHit or Miss
HOMHall of Mirrors
HOMHead of Marketing
HOMHigh Order Mode (Fiber Optics)
HOMHigher Order Multiple (birth rate)
HOMHeads of Missions
HOMHomer, AK, USA - Homer Airport (Airport Code)
HOMHomeland Onshore Model (Synergroup Systems)
HOMHigh-Order Messaging (object-oriented languages)
HOMHierarchical Occlusion Map
HOMHigher Order Model
HOMHigh Octane Mode
HOMHearing Office Manager
HOMHigh Output Mode
HOMHanford Occupational Medical System
HOMHazardous Organic Mishap
HOMHardware Object Module (IBM)
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If g is a homomorphism from X x Q to Y x Q, then (g, h) is said to be a Q-NS hom.
To achieve additive homomorphism, the decryption structure with respect to adding [c.sub.1] and [c.sub.2] is required to keep the structure as x([m.sub.1]+[m.sub.2]) + [e.sup.+], where [e.sup.+] is the noise in the sum and x is an unknown variable.
Moreover, h is a continuous algebra homomorphism, taking A [??] C to a dense ideal h(A [??] C) = [h.sub.T](T) of B.
If [sigma] is a homomorphism on A, a linear mapping d with the property
We set Q = [e.sub.i] [cross product] [e.sup.i] [member of] M [cross product] M, and define a homomorphism in [??]([M.sub.k])
Let f : [G.sub.1] [right arrow] [G.sub.2] be a homomorphism. Since [G.sub.2] is subgraph of [G.sub.1][bar.V][G.sub.2], then there exists a homomorphism r : [G.sub.1][bar.V][G.sub.2] [right arrow] [G.sub.2] with r(x) = x, for any vertex x of [G.sub.2] and so [G.sub.2] is a retract of [G.sub.1][bar.V][G.sub.2].
A set-valued mapping H : [Q.sub.t] [right arrow] [P.sup.*]([Q'.sub.t]), where [P.sup.*]([Q.sub.t]) represents the collection of all nonempty subsets of [Q'.sub.t], is called a set-valued homomorphism if, for all [a.sub.i], a, b [member of] [Q.sub.t] (i [member of] I),
Our proposed algorithm consists of four components: image encryption with homomorphism, data embedding with additive homomorphism, data extraction, and image recovery.
Consider the ring homomorphism [phi] : Q[[square root of (2)]] [right arrow] [M.sub.2](Q) given by
Let f: R [right arrow] S be a ring homomorphism and let [mu] be a fuzzy ideal of R such that [mu] is constant on Ker f and let [xi] be a fuzzy ideal of S.
In [3], Eshaghi Gordji introduced the concept of an n-Jordan homomorphism. A linear map [phi] between Banach algebras A and B is called an n-Jordan homomorphism if