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HONEHands-On Network Environment (IBM Marketing Support System)
HONEHouston Organization of Nurse Executives (Houston, TX)
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As part of a multi-step process, Wolfram Manufacturing utilizes a coarse grit Flex-Hone to smooth out any irregularities left during drilling and finishes the bore with a fine grit hone.
The HTE is a horizontal machine that can hone small-bore rifle barrels with a diameter range of 0.
However, Maggs' side turned the tide and put the pressure on resulting in Hone finding the gap for the winning try on 68 minutes.
If your chisel had only one bevel--the 30-degree one--you'd have to hone its entire surface to get a sharp edge.
In this role, Hone will be responsible for supporting businesses with a turnover of up to Au25 million and will manage a team of regional staff supporting businesses across Wales and the borders, including Hereford, Shrewsbury, Telford and Worcester
They also found mammals that glided from trees (the Mesozoic equivalent of a flying squirrel), a classic transitional form of flying reptile called a pterosaur and even a weird little bucktoothed dinosaur," Hone said.
The ODA's Annual Report and Accounts said that Mr Hone, now chief executive of the London Legacy Development Corporation, was entitled to statutory redundancy pay and a terminal bonus equivalent to 60% of his salary.
The stations are the only ones done by Evie Hone and they are priceless.
Von Hone, all of the artists have been connected to the gallery and they accept that the economics make it impossible to continue - but their hearts are still in it.
PA Hone had been making violins since 1901, and although not much is known about them, the company is listed in the violinmakers' 'bible'.
During a spell of unemployment back in 2008, Hone decided to travel around the UK following the brown signs and seeing where they took her.
Former racing car driver Martin Hone fought for 16 years to get the road race moving in the city - only to be left disappointed when he was not asked to manage it.