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HNHonduras (country code, top level domain)
HNHell No
HNHardware & Networking (education program; Karnataka State Open University; India)
HNHardin Northern
HNHutchinson and Northern Railway Company
HNHydrodynamical Numerical (Model)
HNHeadquarters Notice
HNHospital Novicentro (Guatemala)
HNHome Net
HNHospitalman (USN Rating)
HNHost Nation
HNHousehold Notes
HNNitrogen Mustard (blister chemical agent)
HNHull Number (ship)
HNHome Networking
HNHealth Nut
HNHardware Node (computing)
HNHeadline News
HNHallands Nyheter (Swedish newspaper)
HNHospital Nacional
HNHeartland Network (Minneapolis, MN)
HNHawk Nelson (band)
HNHuman Nature
HnHahnium (IUPAC element 108)
HNHorn (French Horn; Music)
HNHead Nurse
HNHungarian Notation (identifier naming convention)
References in classic literature ?
But no matter; I would not stoop to make such a suggestion; if he is not noble enough to suggest it himself, he is welcome to this advantage, which no honorable man would take.
When he entered the kitchen presently, with both eyes shut and groping for the towel with his hands, an honorable testimony of suds and water was dripping from his face.
I'll keep them and notify the owners; and when they send for them it will be a real pleasure to me to hand you the two thousand dollars, for you've earned the money--yes, and you've earned the deepest and most sincerest thanks of this community besides, for lifting a wronged and innocent family out of ruin and shame, and saving a good and honorable man from a felon's death, and for exposing to infamy and the punishment of the law a cruel and odious scoundrel and his miserable creatures
There was the spot where the Indian pipes grew; the particular bit of marshy ground where the fringed gentians used to be largest and bluest; the rock maple where she found the oriole's nest; the hedge where the field mice lived; the moss-covered stump where the white toadstools were wont to spring up as if by magic; the hole at the root of the old pine where an ancient and honorable toad made his home; these were the landmarks of her childhood, and she looked at them as across an immeasurable distance.
I always felt worse for having received any thing; for I feared that the giving me a few cents would ease his conscience, and make him feel himself to be a pretty honorable sort of robber.
The effect of his discourse on the lady too, could not escape her observation, for though she was too honorable to listen, and had even changed her seat, on purpose that she might NOT hear, to one close by the piano forte on which Marianne was playing, she could not keep herself from seeing that Elinor changed colour, attended with agitation, and was too intent on what he said to pursue her employment.
Here was a woman who lived on ascertained and honorable terms with her employers -- a woman who looked capable of sending any parents in England to the right-about, if they failed to rate her at her proper value.
Not to deceive you, I am that given to lying, and laziness, and self-indulgence of all sorts, that the only excuse I can find for myself is that it is the nature of the race so to be; for most men is just as bad as me, and some of 'em worsen I do not speak pers'nal to you, governor, nor to the honorable gentlemen here assembled.
It is evident that no other form would be reconcilable with the genius of the people of America; with the fundamental principles of the Revolution; or with that honorable determination which animates every votary of freedom, to rest all our political experiments on the capacity of mankind for self-government.
Of course they will do so as honorable gentlemen, and the best proof I can furnish is this "
If Grandfather took pride in anything, it was in being the possessor of such an honorable and historic elbow- chair.
We are of a good family, Judge Temple, and have never filled any but honorable stations in life.