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HOOPSHierarchical Object Oriented Picture System
HOOPSHierarchical Object-Oriented Programming System
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First they would not fit into their sockets at all, and we had to jump on them, and kick them, and hammer at them with the boat-hook; and, when they were in, it turned out that they were the wrong hoops for those particular sockets, and they had to come out again.
and bent my head back, and bumped it against one of the hoops, but I did not mind it.
They had hinges in the middle, and, when we were not looking, they nipped us with these hinges in delicate parts of the body; and, while we were wrestling with one side of the hoop, and endeavouring to persuade it to do its duty, the other side would come behind us in a cowardly manner, and hit us over the head.
The door of the room now flew open, and, after pushing in her hoop sideways before her, entered Lady Bellaston, who having first made a very low courtesy to Mrs Fitzpatrick, and as low a one to Mr Jones, was ushered to the upper end of the room.
And to do the people justice, stern republicans as they had now become, they were well content that the old gentlewoman, in her hoop petticoat and faded embroidery, should still haunt the palace of ruined pride and overthrown power, the symbol of a departed system, embodying a history in her person.
By bribes of gingerbread of her own making, stamped with a royal crown, she tempted their sunny sportiveness beneath the gloomy portal of the Province House, and would often beguile them to spend a whole play-day there, sitting in a circle round the verge of her hoop petticoat, greedily attentive to her stories of a dead world.
As well as entertaining the masses, John Parnell also runs Hoop Guy Ltd a business offering hula-hooping workshops at schools across the country.
City Hoops took a slight lead in the first quarter with a three-point advantage, 18 points to 15.
The HOOPS Platforms enable developers and engineers to create applications with an infrastructure built to support the needs of 3D applications in any environment.
Hoops pointed out that in the same survey investors reported that they expected a 7% average annual portfolio rate of return.
Daly hadn't used a hoop since childhood and can't remember being all that enthusiastic about it then.