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HOPESHolistic Options for Planet Earth Sustainability (design conference; Oregon)
HOPESHealth Outcomes, Policy, and Evaluation Studies (Ohio State University)
HOPESHuntington’s Outreach Project for Education (Stanford University)
HOPESHIV Overview of Problems Evaluation System
HOPESHealthy Opportunities for Parents to Experience Success
HOPESHomemaking, Organizing and Parenting Effectiveness Service (Family Service Association of San Antonio; San Antonio, TX)
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There is no sound of hope as in the beating of heart for that which touches our desire.
Specifically, the hope you feel when someone hasn't delivered as they should've in the past, but you're sure that it'll be different this time.
Viewers of MBC Group's six TV channels are invited to share their experiences of how they see hope, what hope means to them, or how they wish to create hope - whether in their families, their communities or their countries.
I surely hope that the vision of the new Holy Father Benedict XVI will unite the whole world, bring us all together, bring out the best in ourselves.
And those who have hope in the LORD, as the psalmist reminds us, are happy and have hope.
It is said that when evil comes upon us, Hope follows in its footsteps, and points to a happier future.
Second, we propose a developmental model regarding the formation of hope in children.
By working with Comerica Bank, HOPE has been making a positive impact on the lives of youths in the Detroit and Los Angeles communities and helping citizens in these locations prepare for financial emergencies," said HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO, John Hope Bryant.
And after a dawn funeral Mass, Bob Hope was given a final ovation by his family and dearest friends while being laid to rest at San Fernando Mission Cemetery in Mission Hills.
If the church is to claim its vocation as a source of authentic hope in such a context, it must clearly define what it means by hope from the imposters that masquerade as hope in our midst.
This is an exciting partnership, and this is an exciting opportunity for business professionals to inspire students and provide them with the tools that can help them to become self-reliant and productive adults," said John Hope Bryant, chairman, CEO and founder of Operation HOPE.
We are quite pleased that A Glimmer of Hope is recognizing the important role that Austin Can