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HOROLHorology (science of timekeeping)
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The Horology of Dreamers gradually expanded into a formation called Zapomenuty orchestr Zeme snivel
Too difficult by far is the degree in Horology on offer at Birmingham City, but I see an undergraduate life is available at the university of Abertay in Dundee.
Matthew is the only Institute of Conservation accredited conservator in the UK currently teaching horology.
The Montana Watch Company understands the need for beautiful, handcrafted watches dedicated to an American tradition of sporting life and horology.
Wind the clocks forward more than a decade and Fiona admits she had little interest in horology - the study of time and the art of making watches - when she applied to complete a master's degree in craftsmanship and luxury design at a respected university in Switzerland.
Summary: "More horology, more expertise, more innovation, more fusion.
One of the most known and respected brands in the world of horology, Rolex SA is the largest single luxury watch brand, producing about 2,000 watches per day, with a brand value of USD 8.
Abraham-Louis Breguet invented many of the standard components of today's most prestigious watches, earning the title "The Father of Modern Horology.
stay unrelated - fine horology and personal computing.
Henry Peverill, from Banbury, has a passion for horology - the science of measuring time and the instruments used to measure it.
Companies using micro-mechanical processes, such in horology, or miniature devices employed in the aerospace and defense industries, are in great need of semi-automated manufacturing solutions to increase their productivity and lower the costs.
Qualifications can now be obtained in baking, digital and social media, winemaking, brewing, puppetry, embroidery, horology, sexual health, floral design, surfing (in the sea), circus acrobatics, Harry Potter and The Beatles.