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HOSEHuman Ovarian Surface Epithelial (cells)
HOSEHigher-Order Stark Effect
HOSEHypospadias Objective Scoring Evaluation
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"Put down that hose," he shouted; "put down that hose and go to your--"
"I am fearfully clumsy," replied the reverend gentleman weakly; "do you know, I upset some wine at dinner." He made a wavering half-turn of apology towards the gardener, with the hose still spouting in his hand.
He stood with his head forward for a moment as if looking or listening; and then set off at a trot towards the tower, still trailing the hose behind him.
"The sign of the flaming tower," said Father Brown, and sent the driving water from his hose into the heart of the red patch.
"Yes," answered Brown, with his eye on the hose. "`Both eyes bright, she's all right; one eye blinks, down she sinks.'"
As soon as the earnest money was paid, D'Artagnan took possession of his lodging, and passed the remainder of the day in sewing onto his doublet and hose some ornamental braiding which his mother had taken off an almost-new doublet of the elder M.
[USPRwire, Fri Aug 30 2019] Vendors in air hoses market are constantly looking to sustain their competitiveness in the market by offering innovative products to the Global Air Hose Ma rket and also enters into strategic partnership to increase the customer base.
The hose comes with an eight-pattern handheld spray nozzle which allows you to choose from full, jet, vertical, shower, soaker, cone, flat and mist options.
Oil line to the left turbo wastegate controller was contacting the wastegate down pipe, burning a hole in the oil hose. The engine lost 10 quarts of oil before the pilot could land at the nearest airport.
Cut a piece of inner tube a bit wider than the clamp, and wrap it around the hose over your circled pinhole.
The company says choosing the most appropriate hose reel for the workplace is essential and could be the key to improving health and safety whilst enhancing workplace efficiency.