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HoTSHeroes of the Storm (gaming)
HoTSHeart of the Swarm (gaming)
HoTSHeard on the Street
HoTSHigher Order Thinking Skills
HoTSHitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions (Japan)
HoTSHeating Oil Tank System (remediation regulations; New Jersey)
HoTSHistory of Technology and Science (various universities)
HoTSHands on Training System
HoTSHam on the Street (TV show)
HoTSHoney, O'Hara, Terri, & Sam (movie)
HoTSHoliday and Overtime Tracking System
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Rake away a place among the embers, lay it there, and cover it an inch deep with hot ashes.
Outside, however, there was a wide world of fairy-like beauty, and there was, too, she knew, fresh, sweet air that would feel so good to hot cheeks and hands!
The Tin Woodman had chopped a big pile of wood, and now he made a fire of it, and Oz held the bottom of the balloon over the fire so that the hot air that arose from it would be caught in the silken bag.
Alec had her on the sofa rolled up in the bear-skin coat, with Phebe rubbing her cold feet while he rubbed the aching hands, and Aunt Plenty made a comfortable hot drink, and Aunt Peace sent down her own foot-warmer and embroidered blanket "for the dear."
"I will have nought to do with a man who can blow hot and cold with the same breath."
He would send his trunk up to Shelly Hot Springs on Joe's ticket.
It always happened with Levin that when his first shots were a failure he got hot and out of temper, and shot badly the whole day.
One cold windy day Dolly had brought Jerry a basin of something hot, and was standing by him while he ate it.
One might walk among these and take his choice: "Hot pea-soup and boiled cabbage today." "Sauerkraut and hot frankfurters.
The feast consisted of a pot-au-feu, which Miss Chalice had made, of a leg of mutton roasted round the corner and brought round hot and savoury (Miss Chalice had cooked the potatoes, and the studio was redolent of the carrots she had fried; fried carrots were her specialty); and this was to be followed by poires flambees, pears with burning brandy, which Cronshaw had volunteered to make.
The day had been long and hot, but she had enjoyed the speed and the open air; she had left the hotel which she hated, and she found the company to her liking.
A small tray of tea-things was arranged on the table; a plate of hot buttered toast was gently simmering before the fire; and the red-nosed man himself was busily engaged in converting a large slice of bread into the same agreeable edible, through the instrumentality of a long brass toasting-fork.