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HRSHeart Rhythm Society
HRSHealth and Retirement Study
HRSHawaii Revised Statutes
HRSHouse Rabbit Society
HRSHotel Reservation Service, Ltd
HRSHazard(ous) Ranking System
HRSHarris Corp (stock symbol)
HRSHealth and Retirement Survey
HRSHuman Resources Services
HRSHistoric Resource Study (various locations)
HRSHuman Resources Specialist
HRSHepatorenal Syndrome
HRSHot Rolled Steel
HRSHigh-Resolution Spectrograph
HRSHuman Resource Strategies
HRSHousehold Responsibility System (China)
HRSHealth & Rehabilitative Services (State of Florida)
HRSHeat Rejection System
HRSHrvatski Rukometni Savez (Croatian Handball Federation)
HRSHigh-Resistivity Silicon
HRSHousing Referral Service
HRSHair Replacement System
HRSHot Record Society (record label)
HRSHrvatski Ronilacki Savez (Croatian Scuba Diving Federation)
HRSHuman Resources Society (Medical Group Management Association)
HRSHigh Resolution Separator (CERN)
HRSHazardous Ranking Score
HRSHigh Road School
HRSHydrant Refuelling System
HRSHarrisonburg Rescue Squad (Harrisonburg, Virginia)
HRSHorizon Reference Set
HRSHigh Rate Switch
HRSHeading Reference Set
HRSHovering Rocket System
HRSHigh Resolution Scenarios
HRSHrvatskog Ragbijaškog Saveza (Croatian Rugby Union)
HRSHybrid Routing and Scheduling
HRSHierarchical Resource Sharing
HRSHeater Regeneration System
HRSHouse Rent Subsidy
HRSHospital Readership Survey
HRSHuman Rights Society (various locations)
HRSHoly Redeemer School (various locations)
HRSHydrogen Refueling Station (various organizations)
HRSHTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Request Smuggling (computing)
HRSHigh-Risk Strategy (various organizations)
HRSHrvatski Radioamaterski Savez (Croatian: Croatian Amateur Radio Association)
HRSHot Runner Systems NA Inc. (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
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Twelve hours a day, six in the twilight, and six in the dark, they toiled on the trail.
Three minutes passed; it seemed to Levin that more than an hour had gone by.
I do not know how many hours passed thus, but I was conscious of the agony that was coming over me.
It was an hour after sunup that I heard the boys coming, and recognized the hoof-beats of Pomp and Caesar and Jerry, old mates of mine; and a welcomer sound there couldn't ever be.
They rode on for an hour, till the horses were covered with foam and dust.
In half an hour Marija was back, Teta Elzbieta with her, both of them breathless with running and sick with fear.
His loss was not now what it had been while the general was at home; it lessened their gaiety, but did not ruin their comfort; and the two girls agreeing in occupation, and improving in intimacy, found themselves so well sufficient for the time to themselves, that it was eleven o'clock, rather a late hour at the abbey, before they quitted the supper-room on the day of Henry's departure.
But this sleep could be neither peaceful nor lasting, the minds of these three men were too much occupied, and some hours after, about seven in the morning, all three were on foot at the same instant.
Fogg, played whist by the hour together in absorbing silence.
It is strange how inanimate objects will twine themselves into our affections, especially in the hour of affliction.
I was my poor self again; it was my own little life, and no other, that I wanted to go on living;, and yet I felt vaguely there was some special thing I wished to live for, something that had not been very long in my ken; something that had perhaps nerved and strengthened me all these hours.
THE happiest day-the happiest hour My seared and blighted heart hath known, The highest hope of pride and power, I feel hath flown.