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HOWRHouse Wren (bird species Troglodytes aedon)
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House wren occupancy of artificial boxes provided for them in the middle of the study site was greater in most years (24-36%) but also dropped to 3% in 2010 (Table 1).
The most common nest box occupants detected were House wren (n = 43), Bewick's wren (Thryomanes bewickii; n = 17), and wood duck (n = 10).
Therefore, we tested the hypothesis that mites adversely affect the mass and survival of House Wren nestlings.
2004 two House Wren eggs were found while monitoring an active nest box that was known to be occupied by a pair of House Wrens.
1999) classified as significant responders to spring temperature increases in Wisconsin, median arrivals of Whip-poor-will, House Wren, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and Red-winged Blackbird in east-central Illinois averaged 7.
Box use and nest fates were analyzed to provide information on (a) House Wren nesting behavior in a suburban wetland, and (b) on the suitability of milk-carton nest boxes in this setting.
For multibrooded species, such as the House Wren, food supplements may allow adults to end their first nesting attempt in better condition than those that did not receive food.
One problem is that a male house wren will fill every box in his territory with sticks to keep other birds away.
As a result, when a birder examines a paint- ing of a house wren gathering nesting material, or when a fly fisherman looks at a rainbow trout portrait, only some of the power of those works of art can be attributed to the people who created them; a lot of the impact of the paintings is found in the memories they conjure up in the viewers.
I used playbacks of House Wren songs recorded in Monteverde to draw all male and most female wrens close enough to read band combinations.
The records have helped expand knowledge of bluebirds, tree swallows, house wrens and other species that make their homes in trees and nest boxes.