hsCRPHigh-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein
hsCRPHighly Sensitive C-Reactive Protein
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Compared with the control group, the patients had elevated BMI (p<0.001), abdominal circumference (p<0.001), carotid (IMT) (p=0.008), HbAlc (p=0.034), hsCRP (p=0.002), morning urine micro-albumin (p=0.049), and lower age (p=0.019).
HsCRP, platelet, lymphocyte, BMI and smoking variables were analyzed in logistic regression analysis along with oxidative/anti-oxidative biomarkers.
In a regression model, LAR was the only predictor of AIP, after correction from smoking, alcohol, and physical activity level; this association was not attenuated by HOMA-IR, creatinine, uric acid, interleukin 6, hsCRP levels, or gender (Table 3).
If someone has both a high MPO and hsCRP and they have proven plaques in their arteries, their chances of dying from this condition are significantly higher.
haftada uygulanan OGTT testine alternatif olabilecek ve daha erken gebelik haftalarinda GDM tanisi koyulmasini saglayabilecek SHBG ve HsCRP gibi molekullerin Turk toplumundaki GDM hastalarindaki seviyelerinin belirlenmesi ve bunlarin GDM>yi ongordurmedeki rolleri arastirilmistir.
Furthermore, Chaudhuri et al [19] performed a prospective study, more than three fifths of Indian patients with acute ischemic stroke had high hsCRP (> 3 mg/l) levels and Di Napoli et al [10] 95 patients (74.2%) with acute ischemic stroke had high CRP levels (> 0.5 mg/dl) at admission.
The aim of the study was to investigate the ability of cTnT, CK and hsCRP in predicting the long-term risk of developing systolic dysfunction after 12 months in the population hospitalized with acute STEMI with previously normal left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) and with single-vessel coronary disease undergoing complete and successful revascularization.
* hsCRP: HsCRP indicates inflammation is present somewhere in the body High CRP levels are associated with higher risk of coronary artery disease (CAD) and heart attack.
Treatment with omega-3 PUFAs, compared to placebo significantly improved left ventricle EF (4.7% vs 1.7%), global longitudinal strain (-10.6% vs -2.3%), flow mediated dilation (44% vs 11%) and hsCRP levels (-6.13% vs 4.3%).
On comparing the HsCRP, fasting insulin levels and body mass index (BMI) of GDM and non-GDM cases diagnosed by any of the criteria mentioned above IADPSG, DIPSI, or modified C and C values were found to be higher among GDM as compared to non-GDM, and differences were found to be statistically significant for HsCRP (19.40 [5.95-24.60] vs.
Le present article signale les resultats secondaires de cet essai qui mesure l'inflammation systemique des participants au depart et a 6 semaines, au moyen d'une epreuve biologique de proteine C reactive tres sensible (hsCRP).
The concentrations of hsCRP in IBD patients were higher in CD than UC: 30.7 mg/l (25.9-55.8) and 6.1mg/l (3.2-17.8), p < 0.0001, respectively.