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3] Nonstandard abbreviations: IL-6, interleukin-6; hsCRP, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein; %TS, % transferrin saturation.
Targeting statin therapy for patients with COPD to those with increased systemic inflammation as indicated by elevated hsCRP levels might improve vascular function, she said in an interview.
But because hsCRP reflects inflammation, and because HIV-positive people have so many potential inflammation inciters (including HIV itself), the HIV/ heart panel says "the role of hsCRP in clinical [HIV] practice is less clear" and suggests the need for hsCRP studies that control for traditional risk factors.
After identifying 647 cases with the proper matched controls, the scientists measured hsCRP in baseline blood samples.
C-reactive protein and specifically hsCRP measure the same molecule in the blood as mg/L to different degrees of sensitivity (Ridker & Rifai, 2006).
Study participants with low vitamin C intake and hsCRP over 3 milligrams per liter (mg.
Outcomes will include diabetes measures such as hemoglobin A1c, or HbA1c, and fasting blood glucose, or FBG, and C-reactive protein, or hsCRP, a biomarker of inflammation associated with cardiovascular risk.
hsCRP in-house ELISA: The plate was coated with 50 [micro]l/well polyclonal rabbit anti-human CRP (diluted 1 in 4000 dilution in 0.