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HgMercury (chemical element)
HgHarrogate (postcode, United Kingdom)
HgHuman Genome
HgHead Gasket (motor)
HgHome and Garden
HgHoly Grail
HgHot Girl
HgHermione Granger (Harry Potter)
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HgHeavy Gear (computer game)
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HgHilton Group (hotels)
HgHighly Gifted
HgHeavenGames (gaming site)
HgHardgamers (web community)
HgHarvestgain (gaming, Asheron's Call)
HgHorizontal Gaze (test)
HgHauptgefreiter (German military)
HgHarmonic Generator
HgHalf-Giant (Utopia game)
HgHorizontal Gradient (gravity and magnetics)
HgHill Giant (Everquest game creature)
HgHerpes Gladiatorum (viral infection)
HgHigh Grounds
HgHigh Gun (shooting award)
HgHaiti International Airline (IATA airline code)
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"NIH has not considered the time to be right for funding a large-scale production-oriented 'HGP-write' effort, as is framed in the Science article," NIH head Francis Collins, who led the earlier Human Genome Project, said in a statement.
The paper published in Nature follows a number of other recent publications highlighting the power of SMRT Sequencing to elucidate the complex structure of human genomes and gene products, and their significance for understanding disease.
Human Genome shares closed at $14.62 on Tuesday - above GSK's offer price but still only half the peak touched in April last year, when investors' hopes were higher for its new drug for the autoimmune condition lupus, Benlysta.
The human genome resources at NCBI allow complete access to varied information regarding the human genome.
Zalbin (Joulferon) is being developed by Human Genome and Novartis under an exclusive worldwide co-development and commercialization agreement entered into in 2006.
Overall, the first phase of ENCODE has demonstrated how little we really know about the human genome. NHGRI has pledged more than $80 million dollars in grant awards to flesh out our understanding of the functional elements in the 99% of the genome not covered in the pilot phase of ENCODE.
In 2001, the university launched the National Human Genome Center as a research site for the genetic study of diseases that are prevalent in African Americans and the African diaspora, as well as other people of color.
"The GEI builds on the knowledge gained through the Human Genome Project and the HapMap Project, and will provide, for the first time, personalized measures of exposure with the same level of precision as we have for genomic analyses."
Don't look for yet another book about the Human Genome Project, though of course it's mentioned--HUMAN GENOME SOURCEBOOK is much more, discussing what constitutes the human genome, what genes do when they are acting properly and what happens when they're damaged.
Adam, Eve, and the Genome: The Human Genome Project and Theology.
The payments were made pursuant to an agreement with GSK reached in October 2004, under which GSK acquired exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize GSK716155 (albumin-glucagon-like peptide-1, GLP-1) for all human therapeutic and prophylactic applications.(1) Human Genome Sciences received an upfront fee and is entitled to significant clinical development and commercial milestone payments that could amount to as much as $183.0 million, as well as additional milestones for other indications developed.
"We know probably more about the definitions of the DNA segments in those individuals than in any others, anywhere," says Jean Weissenbach, the director of the French National Sequencing Center, which used samples from the Utah families in its work on the Human Genome Project, a multinational effort to define and delineate DNA, which was completed in 2003.
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