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HMCKHigh Molecular Weight Cytokeratin (histology)
HMCKHistorische Machine Club Kempen (Dutch: Kempen Historic Machinery Club; De Kempen, Belgium)
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He would declare that he heard the tornaq growling to him, and would run wildly up a hummock, tossing his arms and speaking in loud, threatening tones.
On the top of a hummock sat or crouched the eight-legged Thing that they had seen three days before--and it howled horribly.
Some fell like swords, shearing a raw-edged canal; and others splintered into a shower of blocks, weighing scores of tons apiece, that whirled and skirted among the hummocks.
The lava streams are covered with hummocks, and are rugged to a degree which, geologically speaking, is not of easy explanation.
Kind of dull I suppose you find it," he remarked pensively, looking out across the waste of lavender-grown marshes, sand hummocks piled with seaweed, and a far distant line of pebbled shore.
Her forefeet claw for purchase as she climbs onto the hummock and settles still beside you.
One of the nests was in a moss clump of Brachythecium rivulare at the base of an ash tree and a hummock of skunk cabbage.
Geo-electrical soundings reveal the existence of permafrost in rock glaciers from Retezat Mountains, the depth of active layer, typical internal structure of periglacial deposits and the freezing regime of the sediments inside earth hummocks.
The Wellington Plains bog [484950, 5849700 on map 8223-S (Tamboritha-Moroka), AMG 55] in the south Gippsland Alps was selected as it includes almost undisturbed areas containing the sequence of Sphagnum hummocks and hollows characteristic of intact bogs.
It can be a height of land, a hummock of ice, or any place of elevation that affords observers a clear view of their surroundings to make good observations.
These include a "fragment of frontal from the larger hummock on the N.
The fort was upon the margin of a fine hummock of Pine--upon a rising Hill or Bank with the noble Sascatchwan in front, with banks in that place of strong woods for perhaps a mile in Breadth and twenty in length along the river, as it were a shelter for the different kinds of Deers, particularly the Moose Deers.