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HDWTHave Detector Will Travel (website; metal detecting)
HDWTHave Dreams, Will Travel (motion picture; 2009)
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No more in her spiritual life than in carrying the hundredweights of grain was there a possibility of a misstep or an overbalancing.
Joe waited on her when she got there, put her safely into the railway carriage, and handed in the very little bag after her, as though it were some enormous trunk, hundredweights heavy, which she must on no account endeavour to lift.
The female Bleeding Hearts, when they came for ounces of tea, and hundredweights of talk, gave Mrs Plornish to understand, That how, ma'am, they had heard from their cousin Mary Anne, which worked in the line, that his lady's dresses would fill three waggons.
'And it weighs I don't know what--whole hundredweights!' cried Dot, making a great demonstration of trying to lift it.
* YRC Regional Transportation adjusted operating ratio improved by 180 basis points to 95.9, tons per day up 8.1 percent; revenue per shipment up 9.9 percent; and revenue per hundredweight up 6.5 percent.
The cost to growers of picking a hundredweight of coffee comes to around $58.50, excluding non-picking expenses such as sacks, equipment, processing machinery and electricity.
Quarter-to-date through November 2018, revenue per hundredweight increased approximately 8.8% compared to a year ago.
For the 2014 harvest, the company expects to produce between 2.1 million hundredweight of beans, corn and rice.
"With the investment in CWT at two cents per hundredweight by all dairy farmers, we believe the export assistance program will be extremely effective in enhancing and maintaining producers margins."
Cliff Pascoe took a carp catch that came to 180lb, while Doug Lloyd and Chris Holmes both had more than a hundredweight of fish.