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HURTHeavy Urban Rescue Team (Milwaukee, WI)
HURTHeterogeneous Unmanned Reconnaissance Team (aerial surveillance)
HURTHeterogeneous Urban RSTA (Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition) Team (US DARPA)
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Both parties to this fourth duel were badly hurt so much that the surgeon was at work upon them nearly or quite an hour--a fact which is suggestive.
I can't speak to you,' he murmured; 'you've hurt me so that I shall lie awake all night choking with this cough.
All her magic was used to help the people, and she was never known to hurt anyone who was good.
The father answered: 'Your brothers have hurt themselves with it, leave it alone, you do not understand anything about it.
Jo suddenly comes out of his resignation and excitedly declares, addressing the woman, that he never known about the young lady, that he never heern about it, that he never went fur to hurt her, that he would sooner have hurt his own self, that he'd sooner have had his unfortnet ed chopped off than ever gone a-nigh her, and that she wos wery good to him, she wos.
It'll hurt her, but it'll hurt her less if you do the thing brutally than if you try half-hearted ways.
But, best of all," said Dorothy, "the wicked people have all forgotten their wickedness, and will not wish to hurt any one after this.
Why, I've brought you to life," answered the boy "but it won't hurt you any, if you mind me and do as I tell you.
If we get too near, he'll fire those quills at us and hurt us badly.
It hurt his pride terribly, thus to be outwitted by the small and tender Folk.
But if you did have that other reason up your sleeve, if you didn't want to know me, if--if, well, if you thought my feelings oughtn't to be hurt just because you had a good job with me.
Never, by accident, in this deliberate game, did he hurt her chin or cheek so severely as he hurt his own tender nose, but in the hurt itself he found more of delight than pain.