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HCPHabitat Conservation Plan
HCPHealth Care Professional
HCPHearing Conservation Program
HCPHexagonal Close Packed
HCPHealth Communication Partnership (various locations)
HCPHydrocephalus (neurology)
HCPHigh Card Points (bridge)
HCPHereditary Coproporphyria
HCPHealth Care Practitioner
HCPHost Cell Protein
HCPHazard Communication Program
HCPHost Configuration Protocol
HCPHard Core Pornography
HCPHosting Control Panel (FusionXHost)
HCPHerculaneum Conservation Project
HCPhardened cement paste
HCPHypnotize Camp Posse (band)
HCPHonors Cooperative Program
HCPHandicap Parking
HCPhydrated cement paste
HCPHonda Club of the Philippines
HCPHypothermal Coal Process
HCPHardness Critical Process
HCPHellenic Centre for Photography (Athens, Greece)
HCPHealth and Comfort Pack
HCPHost Command Processor
HCPHot Cargo Pad
HCPHuman Centered Process
HCPHazardous Critical Procedures
HCPHardware Change Proposal
HCPHigh-Capacity Projectile
HCPHeater Coolant Pump
HCPHypervelocity Countermeasures Program
HCPHam, Cheese and Pickle (sandwich)
HCPHealth Cash Plan (insurance)
HCPHealth Cities Programme
HCPHuman Capital Plan
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Professional Cable/Xavier Cables is a Gold Sponsor at the Hydrocephalus Walk in Salt Lake Friday September 12th.
It has the potential to change the standard of care for communicating hydrocephalus.
Careful physical examination with a high index of suspicion for hydrocephalus is essential in managing these patients.
Gulf News earlier tried to connect the couple with a foundation in the Philippines that operates on children with hydrocephalus for free.
Hydrocephalus develops when a clot or scar from a bleed creates a blockage that stops the natural flow of fluid cushioning the brain, so it builds up under the skull creating pressure and causing damage.
Our study demonstrates that ventricular reservoir is a better alternative than serial lumbar punctures to prevent permanent damage secondary to progressive hydrocephalus on brain parenchyme in those babies when ventriculoperitoneal shunt insertion is not possible.
Ventricular differences between hydrostatic hydrocephalus and hydrocephalus ex vacuo by computed tomography.
Hydrocephalus is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the brain resulting in the head growing to thrice or more the normal size.
The two specialists are part of a multidisciplinary team that two months ago launched the UMass Memorial adult hydrocephalus clinic, one of several surgical specialty clinics at the Lake Avenue campus.
She was found to have acute hydrocephalus without any pathology noted on MRI (Fig.
If symptoms of hydrocephalus recur, such as worsening gait, cognition, or continence, medical attention should be sought immediately.
She had developed moderate hydrocephalus with thinning of the neuroparenchyma at that time, which was treated with a ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt.