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HYPERHigh-Yield Pileup Event Recovery (camera design)
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HyPer is a fast main-memory database system designed for simultaneous OLTP and OLAP processing without compromising performance.
When the message signal sent is greater than zero, then the first hyper-chaotic signal c(t) is sent, when the message signal sent is less than zero, then the second hyper chaotic signal [c.
Andrew Levermore, Chief Operating Officer, Bharti Retail, said: "We are delighted to cross two significant milestones today: Our entry into West India and the launch of a new format - our full line Hypermarket under the easyday brand called easyday Hyper in Mumbai.
In addition, the card provides free shopping vouchers redeemable at Panda and Hyper Panda to the customer each year.
The MIC2176 Hyper Speed Control(tm) DC-to-DC controller operates over a wide input supply range of 4.
2, Hyper nucleating agents 1 and 2 both promote more isotropic shrinkage than the other nucleating agents.
The sell-off to Buyology follows the sale last week of six Hyper Value stores to Hypa Xtra - the new discount chain set up by Ian Rogers, the former chief executive of Hyper Value.
Hyper got support from The Guv'nor, who said that what he did in his private life was nobody's business.
We're using 20 percent of Hyper Carbon in the racquet, rather than the less than 1 percent of titanium, so there's a real difference in how the racquet will perform," Wilson's general manager Embree boasts.
No one has yet produced even a prototype of a hyper car, but hybrids of various types are being widely tested, even raced on events like the Tour de Sol.
has unveiled its Hyper CD product line CD-ROM arrays and servers, which deliver 30x speed data transfer rates.