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HYPHalkin Yukselisi Partisi (Turkish: People's Ascent Party)
HYPHarvard, Yale, Princeton
HYPHyphenation (file name extension)
HYPHigh Yield Portfolio
HYPHispanic Yellow Pages (various locations)
HYPHigh Yield Plus Fund, Inc.
HYPHuntsville Young Professionals (Huntsville, AL)
HYPHey You Pikachu (game)
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Tagiyev [9] has studied the problem of controlling the coefficients v = (k(x), q(x, t)) [member of] [L.sub.[infinity]]([OMEGA]) x [L.sub.[infinity]]([Q.sub.T]) for linear hyperbolic equation:
The complex coordinate on the hyperbolic disk, the hyperbolic punctured disk, or an annulus is denoted by u.
In particular, in Section 3, we study some existence results in partially ordered hyperbolic space for this class of nonexpansive type mapping and some illustrative nontrivial examples have also been discussed.
In Figure 4, the reflection intensity of the hyperbolic image is not obviously changed with the increase of object epth.
[[phi].sup.*] is the angle of the resonance cone opening: the hyperbolic medium is transparent only for the waves with the wave vector k inside the resonance cone, i.e., when the angle between the optical axis s of the MM and k is less than [[phi].sup.*], [angle](k, s) [less than or equal to] [[phi].sub.*].
Let M be a compact and oriented 3-manifold whose interior admits a finite volume hyperbolic structure.
Furthermore, the hyperbolic model is able to generate switching firing patterns of STN neurons caused by Parkinson's disease.
Due to the rich geometric properties of this space, a large amount of results have been published on hyperbolic spaces such as [2-4].
The PWL approximation of hyperbolic tangent with 256 linear sections provides a maximum error of 0.002 % using 32 bit arithmetic [7].
His art is based on the hyperbolic method, namely, the exaggeration of facts about an item or, as he puts it, a better illumination of its qualities.
It is also called as hyperbolic bio-heat equation as it is hyperbolic in nature and reduced to parabolic equation for [tau] = 0.
The first model uses a hyperbolic expression with the general form reported in earlier articles by Hatami and Bathurst [15] and Allen and Bathurst [16] but has been modified to explicitly include the influence of strain-rate on load-strain response of the PP geogrid material under monotonic and stepped constant rate-of-strain testing.