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Compact hyperkeratosis often fills the spaces between the verrucous projections (Figure 3, A).
Hyperkeratosis, which was observed on the dorsal surfaces of our patient's hands and feet and mild erythema also helped to differentiate it from the autosomal dominant Thost-Unna keratoderma [3].
Caption: FIGURE 2: Dermoscopic evaluation of right second nail yields longitudinal gray regular lines on a grayish background, splinter hemorrhages as blackish linear streaks, and true leukonychia as it did not disappear with pressure and hyperkeratosis in hyponychium.
Nail involvement in psoriasis usually is divided into two major groups: (a) signs of involvement of nail matrix including pitting, leukonychia, red spots of the lunula, transverse grooves (Beau's lines), and crumbling of the nail plate and (b) signs of involvement of the nail bed which present as oil-drop discoloration, splinter hemorrhages, subungual hyperkeratosis, and onycholysis [5].
All of our healed grafts fared well as none of them developed marginal hyperkeratosis for which non glabrous skin grafts are notorious and we had no incidence of graft contracture or subdermal fibrosis.
The cytological findings such as squamous metaplasia, hyperkeratosis, parakeratosis, and reactive cellular changes were noted specifically in patients with or without uterine prolapse.
Vocal fold leukoplakia occurs as a result of epithelial hyperkeratosis or dysplasia, and it is considered a precursor to malignant transformation.
Other skin lesions included footpad hyperkeratosis, crusting, depigmentation, and erosions (Figure 2).
Other findings included hyperkeratosis on the buccal, labial, and palatal mucosa, which created a thickened and nodular appearance.
There was information on identifying the signs that milking is not being carried out gently or effectively, with tell-tale signals including discoloured teats post-milking or teat-end hyperkeratosis.