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1 Hypertension has a direct relationship with many diseases and can cause damage to the heart,2 kidneys,3 brain, lungs, and is associated with end organ failure.
He said that hypertension and depression, which commonly named as 'high blood pressure' is a medical condition where the blood pressure is chronically elevated.
He said that Hypertension is a type of Condition by which people are silently killed without any proper reason.
Major tracks summoned for the discussion include Hypertension & Stroke, Renal Hypertension, Pulmonary Hypertension, Gestational Hypertension, Pediatric Hypertension, Obesity, Hypertension Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Pathophysiology, Causative factors and risk assessment, Pharmacologic and other treatments, Nursing Management and Clinical Case Reports.
Those diagnosed with hypertension would be encouraged to enroll in the DOH Hypertension and Diabetes Registry and Club for regular checkups and maintenance medicines.
Although hypertension is a disease of older persons, its occurrence is increasing in children and young adults.
The incidence rate of hypertension in the Offspring cohort climbed in concert with parental early hypertension status.
The NorthShore Undiagnosed Hypertension Quality Improvement Project was established to improve screening to identify patients with elevated blood pressure; ensure accuracy and reliability of office blood pressure measurement; recognize patients at risk at the point of care; and provide clinical decision support tools to facilitate appropriate treatment.
Health Clinic head Dr Hafsa Hashad said: High blood pressure or hypertension is often referred to as the silent killer.
In our society majority of people are unaware about the causes of hypertension due to an absence of indications until real muddling emerges.
The data were analyzed using [chi square]-test to find association between hypertension and variables.