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First, the hyphenation of leadership and followership is our way of textually elevating followers and equating their status with that of leaders.
Countering years of hyphenation creep where people added them with abandon, some being adopted, some not, mostly without careful thought or deliberative rigor, is the growing trend of scholars to drop inappropriate or unnecessary hyphens to improve communication in our written language (Magrath 2007).
His comment is important, because it expresses his uneasiness with a codification of ethnicity around hyphenation, but it also illustrates that the conference (and by extension, general dialogues about ethnicity) used hyphenation as a strategy to shape discussions of ethnicity.
QuarkXPress 7 Canadian Edition also supports spell-checking and full text authoring, following specific hyphenation and justification rules for French, US English and International English.
So I set about marking for formatting, questioning inconsistent hyphenation ([eds: eh uses "dark green hills" here but earlier "dark-green hills" and elsewhere "dark, green"]; suggesting standard and consistent spellings ([eds: which should it be throughout--"okay," "O.
There are pages of recommended spelling of geoscience words, what words to capitalize, and guidelines on hyphenation, punctuation, abbreviations, Latin words and phrases, symbols, numbers, and measures.
These elemental words, perhaps 10 to 20 in number with some hyphenation allowed, are to reflect:
Chapter 1, entitled "The school of close spacing," begins with a discussion of letter, word, and line spacing, with warnings to the practitioner about hazardous default settings in the hyphenation and justification dialog boxes, and arguments for etymological versus phonetic word division.
Allow only minimal hyphenation when setting your preferences, and eliminate narrow columns that might force awkward line breaks when translated into other languages.
The hyphenation makes no sense and she doesn't look anything like a butterfly) or to risk fracturing an eye socket on a bouncy castle would dwindle considerably.
An examination of several of Gotanda's plays illustrates his attempt to elude the confines of hyphenation and its potential marginality, to inhabit a more central position and speak to a larger audience.
Raman imaging has also seen a trend toward hyphenation.