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Procedural acceptability was no different across 11 of 12 parameters, with the only reported significant difference being that women undergoing hysteroscopy were "happier" than patients undergoing just endometrial biopsy.
The addition of hysteroscopy contributes some cost and equipment to the blind D&C procedure; it might be best applied in cases where there is known intracavitary pathology or inadequate prior sampling.
I sincerely hope that articles focusing on in-office hysteroscopy will open up the discussion to enable and encourage more physicians and hospital administrators to see the advantages of office-based procedures.
In the Primary infertility group, 57% had laparoscopic abnormalities, 12% had abnormalities on hysteroscopy while, in Secondary infertility group, 40% had abnormalities in Laparoscopy and 90% had abnormalities in Hysteroscopy.
Use of diclofenac as an analgesic in outpatient hysteroscopy: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study.
These two cases were diagnosed by hysteroscopy as severe uterine adhesions in other hospitals.
This study investigated the effects of remifentanil and dexmedetomidine on pain, hemodynamics, and complications in patients undergoing hysteroscopy. The analgesic effects of remifentanil and dexmedetomidine were compared by ANI monitoring perioperatively.
Following the US FDA approval, the Luminelle DTx Hysteroscopy System now brings operating room-level capabilities into the physician's office with a dual-indication hysteroscopy and cystoscopy device, added the company.
Optimal order of office hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy?
As there was a variation between HSG and MRI impression, we proceeded with hysteroscopy.
Uterine rupture is both intra-operative and one of the late complications of hysteroscopy. Although it is a rare complication, it can be catastrophic if not managed properly and may result in fetal and maternal death.
Hysteroscopy, the gold standard for evaluation of uterine causes of infertility, can detect small lesions that might not otherwise be detected by other methods [14].