iBEMIndirect Boundary Element Method (electromagnetics)
iBEMInternational Business & Emerging Markets (University of Edinburgh; UK)
iBEMInborn Error of Metabolism
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In this section, the Green's function of the uniformly distributed inclined load acting in the TI medium is derived, including both the displacement and stress, which serve the elementary solution of IBEM to obtain the stiffness coefficient of the foundation.
In this study, the IBEM method is applied to study the effective input motion and the response of the shear wall under the incidence of SH waves transmitting into layered TI soil.
For the IBEM, the incident pulse (source) in the fluid is also represented by (1) and applied as shown in Figure 2(a).
In the following section, we verify the accuracy of the IBEM and DWN for several cases applied to an interface that joins two half-spaces, one fluid and the other solid.
Validation and Application of the IBEM and DWN Methods
To verify the accuracy of both formulations (IBEM and DWN), we considered various models with fluid-solid interfaces.
Results from IBEM are plotted with solid and dashed lines to represent Limestone and Pitch, respectively.
In Figure 4, spectra of pressures for four cases (3 to 6) solved by IBEM are displayed.
The IBEM method-created by German vet Dr Hiltrud Strasser-"ensures a lifetime of health and soundness" according to the website.