iCopInternational Council of Online Professionals
iCopIntelligence Carry-On Program (hardware)
iCopInternet Code of Practice (UK)
iCopIslamic Crescents Observation Project
iCopIndustry Controlled Other Party
iCopInternational Conference on Prostitution
iCopInternational Conference on Ophthalmic Photography
iCopInternational College of Phytotherapy
iCopIraqi Community Organization Program
iCopInternal Control and Operating Procedures
iCopInternational Conference on Plasma Science (IEEE)
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Caption: Figure 5 ICOP based on (a) pressure and (b) airflow rate.
The current post-1980 data set includes all available published or at ICOP, excepting some extremely few in journals that increasingly these days are no longer shelved in academic libraries, as well as being unobtainable online.
Under ICOP, a "bona fide enquirer" can apply to an infrastructure owner for tariffs and terms for unbundled services and, once such outline terms have been provided, parties can negotiate on the full agreement where risks undertaken are intended to be reflected by rewards.
ICOP consists of a non-statutory set of industry guidelines which have been developed in conjunction with DECC, the UK Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA) and a number of other bodies.
David Owen, Chairman and CEO for ICOP Digital, stated, "We are honored to feature our products at this important show with DDIT, our valued Middle East partner.
En esta nueva etapa, ya establecido en Groningen y con el proyecto ICOP, sin abandonar por completo las tres lineas de investigacion descritas, se centro en la confluencia de las mismas a traves del estudio de los patrones de desarrollo y crecimiento mundiales y las interacciones entre las economias en sus distintos estadios de desarrollo.
With ICOP 20/20 VISION, law enforcement agencies worldwide have the ability to integrate the robust functionality of the award-winning ICOP Model 20/20(R)-W into their existing Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs), the laptops in law enforcement vehicles.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-26 May 2008-Police agencies in Washington and North Carolina give orders to ICOP Digital Inc(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
2006), 'Productivity levels in distributive trades: a new ICOP dataset for OECD countries', Groningen Growth and Development Centre Research Memorandum GD-83.
A similar illustration of the role of ICOP comes from Huichol (Uto-Aztecan): in this language with polysynthetic morphology all "mood" markers are lost simultaneously, even though they occupy different slots (Iturrioz 2001: 550).
Ren, A new benchmark comparison between China and the United States by ICOP Approach, School of Economics and Management, Bei Hang University, mimeo, March 2004, quoted in: Assessing Japan's industrial competitiveness by comparison with China, Korea, Chinese Taipei and the United States, paper presented to an OECD Conference on Productivity Measurement, October 2005.
In terms of time, the savings are huge: it takes a few hours to install Roboclimber while setting up a scaffold can take days and even weeks in critical situations," says Enzo Rizzi, Roboclimber project coordinator from the project's prime contractor, ICOP, Udine, Italy.