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iEMSsInterpersonal Exchange Model of Sexual Satisfaction (sex therapy)
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However, one validated theory in this area is the Interpersonal Exchange Model of Sexual Satisfaction (IEMSS).
Although the IEMSS provides a potentially useful framework within which to study sexual satisfaction, relatively few researchers have utilized it to guide research and even fewer have used it to study questions related to the treatment of sexual dysfunction.
The IEMSS provides a convenient framework within which to explore this connection between difficulties with sexual functioning and sexual satisfaction.
It is important to note that, according the IEMSS, sexual exchanges including high or low levels of sexual functioning can be viewed by the individual as either costly, rewarding, both costly and rewarding, or neither costly nor rewarding.
Perceived sexual costs were measured using an item included in the IEMSS Questionnaire (Lawrance & Byers, 1998) which is a 6-item self-report measure assessing perceived sexual rewards, perceived sexual costs, relative level of costs and rewards between self and partner, costs and rewards compared to expected costs and rewards.
3692) The current findings add to this developing concensus using concepts included in the IEMSS by suggesting that the importance of sexual functioning as a sexual cost may depend partially on one's level of attachment anxiety.
This concordance of findings lends additional support the usefulness of the IEMSS (Lawrance & Byers, 1992) for measuring women's sexual complaints.