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iFMIntegrated Formal Methods
iFMILL (Inter-Library Loan) Fee Management
iFMInvestment Fund Manager (various locations)
iFMInternational Fund Management
iFMInstitut Français de la Mode (French Fashion Institute)
iFMInternational Ferro Metals (Australia)
iFMIndustry Funds Management (various locations)
iFMInstitut for Menneskerettigheder (Danish: Institute for Human Rights)
iFMInstall from Media (Microsoft)
iFMInternational Financial Market
iFMInstitut Fuer Meereswissenschaften (German: Institute For Marine Science)
iFMIndoor Fan Motor (various companies)
iFMIntegrated File Management
iFMI-Prevent Fraud Model
iFMInstitute for Functional Medicine
iFMIndependent Forest Monitoring (legal compliance tool)
iFMImmobilien Facility Management (Vienna, Austria)
iFMInterface Module
iFMInstitute of Fisheries Management (various locations)
iFMInstitute for Financial Markets
iFMInstitute for Micromanufacturing (Louisiana Tech University)
iFMIntegrated Facility Management
iFMInstantaneous Frequency Measurement
iFMIntegrated Financial Management
iFMInternational Association of Infant Food Manufacturers
iFMImproved Forest Management
iFMInterfacial Force Microscope
iFMInformation Flow Management (various locations)
iFMInternational Fashion Machines (Seattle, WA)
iFMIthaca Farmers Market (New York)
iFMInstitut Français de Marrakech (French: French Institute of Marrakesh; Marrakesh, Morocco)
iFMInnovative Financing Mechanism
iFMInstitute of Financial Management (Manchester Business School and Bangor University, UK)
iFMInstituciones Financieras Multilaterales (Spanish: Multilateral Financial Institutions; economic development)
iFMInterface Manager
iFMInstitut Français de Madrid (French: French Institute of Madrid; Madrid, Spain)
iFMIncremental Funding Methodology
iFMIonospheric Forecast Model
iFMIstituzioni Finanziarie Monetarie (Italian)
iFMInterface Manual
iFMInflight Maintenance
iFMIncome Forecast Method (finance)
iFMIkano Fund Management (Luxembourg)
iFMInfrastructure and Financial Markets (publication)
iFMIntegrated Flight Management
iFMInstitut Français de Meknès (French: French Institute of Meknes; Meknes, Morocco)
iFMImproved Frequency Modulation
iFMIntermediate Frequency Modulation
iFMInstitute for Ministry (Sacred Heart Major Seminary)
iFMInternational Federation of Midwives
iFMInterfaces File Manager
iFMInterbay Fiber Management
iFMIntegrated Flight Managed (Air Mobility Command strategic airlift mission)
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QUALCOMM's IFM model builds tight technical interfaces between all parties in the semiconductor development cycle, delivering greater efficiency, lower costs and quicker time to market for new products.
The Ambios Xi-100 IFM uses white light interference to generate a three-dimensional topographic map of the razor cut rubber surface (figure 1).
An MBA--Master of Business Administration programme--is also offered at IFM. This post-graduate program targets candidates with a higher-level university education, who already possess professional experience and wish to pursue a managerial position or an international career.
Current IFM receiver technology samples the RF frequency, RF amplitude, and the RF SNR; subsequent digital processing extracts the peak RF amplitude, the RF input frequency time synchronous with the peak RF measurement, the TOA and the RF envelope pulse width.
Nori accused the IFM of repeatedly breaching the agreement, which was signed Aug.
The ESC-1030A IFM receiver's design replaces the log-IF and the limiter discriminator, and to break the barrier of high sensitivity at wide bandwidth.
64-273) provides the methodology under which the IFM is to be used in depreciating costs incurred in producing or acquiring a television program or motion picture.
The IFM senses the force by the displacement of a differential capacitor and uses a force-feedback mechanism to rebalance the displacement quickly enough to prevent snapping (schematic).
Ahrens will be based in Singapore and be in charge of driving the company's Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) vision and differentiated model.
Upon the closing of the agreement, IFM will receive USD 310m in upfront payments and will be eligible for up to USD 1.265bn in milestone payments, for a total of USD 1.575bn in total consideration.
The ratings are supported by dividends from Colonial's stable, FERC-regulated operations that provide solid cash flows and relatively predictable dividends to its owners, including IFM Colonial.