iHLSIsrael Homeland Security
iHLSInstitute of Health Law Studies (California Western School of Law; San Diego, CA)
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Studies on career advancement of academics in Malaysian private IHLs is still in the embryonic stage compared to that in the public IHLs because the former is relatively newer in its establishment compared to the latter.
Despite the vastly available literature on academics, there is precious little explanation on factors influencing the career advancement of academics, especially those in private IHLs.
The above studies however, were not on the determinants of individual and organizational factors to the career advancement of academics particularly at private IHLs.
This study is also conducted at the right time because the private IHLs have gained prominence due to liberalization of higher education in Malaysia.
The literature highlights an aspect of career advancement of academics from private IHLs. Individual factors literature clearly show that personality (conscientiousness, neuroticism, and extraversion) plays an important role in developing career advancement.
In private IHLs anxieties such as instability, insecurity and depression are always a major problem.
Therefore, in designing career advancement, neuroticism has always been a trait and a very important one too for private IHLs administrators.
IHL Group is a research and advisory firm headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee that provides market analysis and business consulting services for retailers and information technology companies focused on the retail industry.
According to IHL, North America represents about 45 percent ($54 billion) of the overall total in technology spend in retail, with Europe/Middle East/Africa representing another 28 percent of the market.
IHL Consulting Group is an independent business-consulting firm headquartered in Boynton Beach, Florida that provides market analysis and business consulting services for information technology companies that focus on the retail industry.
"We expect that expenditures made at self-service kiosks will rise by about 20 percent this year and another 18 percent in 2008," said Greg Buzek, president of IHL, adding that demand for self-checkout systems and other kiosks should push the dollar value of transactions to nearly $1.3 trillion by 2011.
"Retailers continue to see the POS as more than just a method for accurately recording sales," said Greg Buzek, president of IHL. "Added functionality at the POS, whether in the form of capabilities like customer returns, inventory look-up, or workforce management, helps retailers see POS as the central system in the store, and they are willing to invest in it accordingly." According to the study, retailers in all vertical segments are seeing a larger impact due to governmental action, and recent security breaches are weighing heavily on their POS purchase decision-making process.