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iMore 's Rene Ritchie said that 'this information comes from sources who have proven accurate in the past.
iMore said Cupertino's new iOS lineup will come equipped with an 8-pin dock connector, smaller than the current 30-pin port.
Apple fansite iMore said the mini model will have the same number of pixels but less storage capacity.
The date confirms a report from iMore last month claiming Apple would be holding the press briefing on Wednesday.
IMore is not known about these floats, what organisation decked them out and who or what was inside them ( GENEVIEVE: There was a popular film around, made in 1953, which featured a splendid vintage car, driven by John Gregson with Dinah Sheridan as its passenger on the London to Brighton rally.
IMORE than half of drivers have begun to cut back on their motoring and other spending as average petrol prices rise above pounds 1 a litre again, an AA/Populus poll revealed.
According to Hill, several students were initially apprehensive about interacting with drug abusers and prostitutes, but they became imore comfortable as the course continued.
com/iphone-x-vs-pixel-2-xl-oled) iMore compared the OLED displays between the iPhone X and the Pixel 2 XL late last month, the publication noted that color shifting was not a known issue with the display panels on the iPhone X.
Dies, iTunes Is No Worse than Google or Amazon, IMORE (Jan.
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According to a report by Website iMore, users will see a notification informing them that they can "press and hold on to a story to save it for later".