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According to Apple blog iMore, the new iPhone will be released on September 21., the website that in July first claimed Apple would introduce a new iPhone on Sept.
According to iMore, Apple will expand the international rollout of the iPhone 5 in early October.
However, if that still seems too large for your liking, Apple fansite iMore recently reported that the company has plans to launch an iPad Mini in October.
It's great news for consumers." Apple fansite iMore said the mini model will have the same number of pixels but less storage capacity.
On February 27, a report from iMore said that the iPad 3 was ready to ship from Foxconn in China and a shipment would arrive in the US on March 9.
IMORE than half of drivers have begun to cut back on their motoring and other spending as average petrol prices rise above pounds 1 a litre again, an AA/Populus poll revealed.
With Rockport's imore rational capital structure, the company is well-positioned both financially and competitively to take advantage of these market opportunities and achieve its true growth potential.
IMore than 20,000 visitors are expected at the biggest free horticultural show of its kind in the North West in August.
Dies, iTunes Is No Worse than Google or Amazon, IMORE (Jan.