iNEMIInternational Electronics Manufacturing Initiative
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The timing of which applications will convert to optical technology remains unclear, but is not expected to happen within the 10-year period covered by the 2007 iNEMI Roadmap.
In phase 1 of the project, iNEMI conducted a survey on BIST availability, usage, and access at board-level test.
Concerns about these changes in metallurgies prompted iNEMI to release the following statement:
Indeed, iNEMI, the consortium driving the key industry research in the mid 1990s, had settled on SAC 396.
If they see something that borders on what iNEMI is doing, they let us know, and we talk to iNEMI to be sure there is no overlap.
Gaitan, who chairs the iNEMI and ITRS MEMS technology working groups, said his intention was not to talk about solutions but rather problems.
The 2009 iNEMI Roadmap (3) identifies several PWB fabrication needs, including: