iNEMIInternational Electronics Manufacturing Initiative
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The IPC Roadmap on fabrication was far more valuable for the engineers than iNEMI's, which was written at a higher level.
In phase 1 of the project, iNEMI conducted a survey on BIST availability, usage, and access at board-level test.
The timing of which applications will convert to optical technology remains unclear, but is not expected to happen within the 10-year period covered by the 2007 iNEMI Roadmap.
IPC's oversight eventually gave way to iNEMI, and the latter really stepped up its game.
IN THE JULY issue of CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY, in presenting the direction taken by the 2009 iNEMI Roadmap chapter on Photovoltaics, Alain Harrus and Jim Handy underscore that the principal barrier to widespread adoption of PV technology is its cost compared to the energy it generates.
"A Cost-Effective & Convenient Approach to Creep Corrosion Testing" details how an iNEMI task group created a qualification test to determine whether PCBAs are likely to develop creep corrosion.
To register, visit -inemi-roadmap-rollout-webinar-europe-north-america--MB
Michael Gaitan of NIST, who chairs the iNEMI and ITRS MEMS technology working groups, is pursuing a roadmapping strategy, as I recount on page 36.
The 2009 iNEMI Roadmap (3) identifies several PWB fabrication needs, including:
HERNDON, VA -- The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) reported that a majority of its OEM and EMS members strongly support unique part numbers for BGA components to differentiate any lead-flee ball metallurgies other than SAC 305 or SAC 405, including low silver, added dopants such as nickel, and other SAC (or non-SAC) alloy compositions.