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No obstante, la susceptibilidad de las celulas infectadas por el VIH-1 a la lisis dependiente de las celulas NK parece no ser muy notable, pues se ha demostrado que proteinas del VIH-1 inducen un aumento en la expresion de las moleculas HLA-C y HLA-E, las que pueden ser reconocidas por los iNKR y disminuyen la capacidad de las celulas NK para producir una respuesta citotoxica efectiva.
Inkr , Mishra's take on sexual harassment in the workplace, lives up to that pattern.
If you were driven by the notion that Inkr with its sexually volatile theme makes for a ' hot feast' for the eyes -- some of the promos even suggested as much -- chuck all such thoughts.
CHITRANGADA Singh has literally been living Maya Luthra, the strongheaded creative head of an advertising firm that she plays in her new film, Sudhir Mishra's Inkr .
Inkr revolves around Maya and her boss Rajiv, who is the CEO of the company.