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IOSInternetwork Operating System
IOSInstitute of Software (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
IOSInternational Organization for Standardization
IOSIssues of Substance (Canada)
IOSIndex of Services (service industries; various locations)
IOSIndependent On Sunday
IOSIsles of Scilly
IOSiPhone Operating System (Apple)
IOSInstitute of Swimming (UK)
IOSInternal Oversight Service (UN)
IOSIntegrative Organismal Systems (various organizations)
IOSInternet Operating System
IOSInternational Opera Studio (Zurich, Switzerland)
IOSInput Output Subsystem
IOSInput Output Supervisor
IOSInput Output System
IOSIntel Online Services
IOSInstitute of Statisticians (est. 1948; now Royal Statistical Society; UK)
IOSInstitute of Ocean Sciences (Canada)
IOSIsle of Springs (Maine)
IOSInterior Office of the Solicitor (US DOI)
IOSInstructor Operator Station
IOSInstitute of Sociology
IOSInstitute of Oceanographic Sciences
IOSIs ook schitterend (Dutch band)
IOSInstructor Operating Station
IOSInterorganizational System
IOSInternet Office Suite (software)
IOSInternational Outsourcing Services
IOSInternet Over Satellite
IOSIllinois Orchid Society (est. 1952)
IOSInput/Output Subsystem
IOSInstitute of Objective Studies (India)
IOSInternational Organization for Standards
IOSInterorganizational Information System
IOSIntegrated Observing System
IOSInput/Output Supervisor
IOSInstitute for Optical Sciences (University of Toronto; Canada)
IOSIntegrated Office System
IOSI'm Only Sleeping (Beatles song)
IOSIlheus, Bahia, Brazil - Eduardo Gomes (Airport Code)
IOSInsurance Overload Staffing (Dallas, TX)
IOSIntelligence Operations Specialist (US Federal Bureau of Investigation)
IOSInternational Online Soccer (gaming, Half-Life modification)
IOSInstitute for Orgonomic Science
IOSInternational Oak Society
IOSInternet Ophthalmology Society
IOSInter-Operability Specification
IOSInitial Operational System
IOSInternational Officer School
IOSInter-Operability Standard
IOSIntegrated Observation System
IOSIgoss Observing System
IOSInternational Operator Services (Sprint)
IOSInterim Operational Supplement
IOSIndian Ocean Tracking Station (AFSCN)
IOSIntranet Operating System
IOSInventory Of Service
IOSInspired of Spirit (online forum)
IOSInternal Order System
IOSIllinois Orthopaedic Society
IOSIntelligence Operations System (USMC replacement for TCO and IAS Suites)
IOSIntegrated Operational Services
IOSInter-Organizations Section
IOSIntermediate Open System
IOSInterconnected Operating System
IOSInactive, Obsolete, Surplus (jobs)
IOSIntegrated Operations Scenario
IOSImproved Oceanographic Sensor
IOSIndividual Ordinance Summary
IOSInternal Opportunity System (Motorola)
IOSInitial Operating Sector
IOSIntegrated Outsourcing Services GmbH (Germany)
IOSInterim Operational System
IOSInfinity Optical Systems
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It all began when Motherboard reported that a core component of Apple's iPhone operating system was spotted on GitHub.
html) Apple's second version of the iPhone operating system  made it easy (and legal) for users to install (http://www.
We've seen a sneak peek of iOS 11 - the next version of the iPad and iPhone operating system - and its focus is very clearly on making the iPad an even more useful tool.
According to a spokesman for the PITB, the application will soon be made available on both Android as well as iphone operating system (iOS) platforms.
If a message is sent without time data or linked to a timezone, the bug causes the software to not display correctly, and the device sets the email send date to January 1, 1970, which is technically zero time in UNIX, the base code for Apple's iPhone operating system (iOS).
Specifically, the FBI wants us to make a new version of the iPhone operating system, circumventing several important security features, and install it on an iPhone recovered during the investigation.
In a letter to customers posted on Apple's website, Cook said the FBI wanted the company "to build a backdoor to the iPhone" by making a new version of the iPhone operating system that would circumvent several security features.
Instead, in the shadows rose a community of hackers who began to reverse engineer certain parts of the iPhone operating system application programming instructions and created an underground market to distribute apps that perform functions not provided by the iPhone.
Apple already offers a way to Tweet snippets of information straight from the iPad and iPhone operating system.
For a time, the iPhone operating system (lOS) took over the marketplace.
British researchers Alasdair Allan and Peter Warden in April revealed that a previous iPhone operating system recorded the longitude and latitude of its owners' movements and saved the information, which could then be read by anyone with access to the phone.