iVDRInformation Versatile Disk for Removable Usage
iVDRIndividual Vehicle Distance Record (Department of Motor Vehicles; various states and Canadian provinces)
iVDRIntelligent Video Digital Recorder
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Like the MDR, the new In Vitro Device Regulation (IVDR) transition period ends in May 2022 as well.
At Metabolomics 2018 (metabolomics2018.org), Bruker announced B.I.QUANT-PS, a metabolite quantification solution on its AVANCE IVDr 600 MHz NMR platform, which brings cost-effective nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) screening to high-throughput, translational phenomics research and biobank metabolic analysis.
The addition of B.I.QUANT-PS substantially enhances the value of data generated, and the IVDr platform can replace conventional analysis tools, which alleviates the cost pressures in clinical analysis.
On April 5, 2017 the European Parliament decided to approve the new Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) and In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulation (IVDR).
The Tandem Mass Spectrometer must provide a robust system for Newborn screening based on suggested criteria of the SpotOn method, must be EU In-vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Regulation (IVDR) compliant and demonstrate future-proofing for Haemoglobin assay developments at the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) screening laboratory.
Tenders are invited for Purchase Of In-Vehicle Data Recording (Ivdr) System With Machine Vision Cameras