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ICACOIndependent Commission Against Corruption Ordinance (Hong Kong)
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(2011), studying 'guajiru' fruits (Chrysobalanus icaco L.), observed value of 10[degrees]Brix, which is lower than that obtained in the fully ripe 'guajiru' fruit of the present study ([E.sub.4]-12.7[degrees]Brix); thus, this difference indicates that the fruits of the present study are riper.
Chrysobalanus icaco, Myrine guianensis y Ficus maxima) donde la salinidad es minima; en los lugares con mayor incidencia de luz abundan musgos y el helecho terrestre Acrostichum aureum.
In September 2010, using the grouped fruits method, we collected a sample of Chrysobalanus icaco L.
H C Chrysobalanaceae Chrysobalanus icaco Kunth G C Convolvulaceae Ipomea pes-caprae (L.) Sweet FH C I.
MacapA 4/4 267 2,304 149 Porto Grande 4/4 216 3,197 157 Pracuuba 1/1 100 821 287 Serra do Navio 1/1 48 831 320 Tartarugalzinho 1/1 70 1,049 102 Chrysobalanaceae (b) Chrysobalanus icaco L.
The plants included 3 each of 6 species growing in containers at Fort Lauderdale Research & Education Center (FLREC): cocoplum, Chrysobalanus icaco L.; yaupon holly, Ilex vomitoria Aiton; wild coffee, Psychotria nervosa Swartz; Bahama wild coffee, P.
pine above Chrysobalanaceae Chrysobalanus Cocoplum Foliar--abaxial icaco L.