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Provision of icebreaking fleet services for watch and liquidation of marsh events in the arkhangelsk water area during the icebreaker~s passage in 2018 by icebreakers, provision of icebreaking fleet services for on-call watch and liquidation of marsh events in the arkhangelsk water area during the icebreaker~s passage in 2018 by icebreakers.
An alternative would be to procure the three envisaged polar icebreakers with a block buy contract," Naval Affairs Specialist Ronald O'Rourke said in a recent Congressional Research Service report, "Coast Guard Polar Icebreaker Modernization: Background and Issues for Congress.
Petersburg for the launch of the 'Sibir' (Siberia), a new Russian nuclear icebreaker
Christophe de Margerie, the icebreaker, is the first of its class built specifically for the Yamal CNG project that Russia is trying to break through and take on a share of the liquefied gas market.
NYSE: VFC) has agreed to acquire New Zealand-based performance apparel company Icebreaker Holdings, Ltd.
The Raiko machine is a straightforward icebreaker primarily used to clear aircraft parking stands.
In August 2017, the first ship of this class, the Christophe de Margerie, made it without icebreaker escort from Norway across the entire NSR.
The announcement wasn't the first nuclear icebreaker for Russia.
com are currently working on releasing an app, featuring Icebreakers and other site activities.
Armstrong's to the Arctic: The 100th Anniversary of the Icebreaker Krasin is a result of co-operation between Newcastle Discovery Museum, the Museum of the World Ocean in St Petersburg, and the British Consulate General St Petersburg.
Those pitches included providing the Canadian Coast Guard with both a Polar-class icebreaker and so-called River-Class icebreakers to handle operations on inland waterways.
Our study quantifies and describes initial reactions and behaviors of polar bears observed from an icebreaker during summer 1991 at two exploratory drilling sites (near sites drilled in 2015) located in the Chukchi Sea 175 km and 312 km west of Barrow, Alaska.