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They therefore expect the icecap to melt in 200 to 400 years and not in a thousand years as previously predicted.
The glacier is made of 500,000 years' worth of snow, compacted under its own weight into a rock-solid icecap over 14 million square kilometers (5.4 million sq mi) of land.
Iceland travel specialist Discover the World is launching a range of daily Ice Age excursions from June to October to take visitors deep inside the glacier diggings, which, when complete, will reach 1,640ft into the icecap and around 100ft below the surface, making it the largest man-made ice structure in the world.
They will be driving a specially converted vehicle created by the Icelandic engineering team, whose many achievements include crossing the Greenland icecap by car.
Will 'Layers on white Christmas market melt polar icecap!' be the next story?
Due to the topography, meteorites are carried East by the icecap and, when the icecap collides with the mountains, are deposited on the western side of Dronning Louise Land.
The accident took place while the submarine was submerged under the Arctic icecap during a joint British-American exercise, a spokesman said.
Future astronauts visiting Mars's south polar icecap in spring had better watch out for jets.
CHEPSTOW: 2.20 Group Captain, 2.50 Tweed, 3.25 Wild Power, 3.55 Master Mahogany, 4.30 Icecap, 5.00 Rockley Bay.
The Northern Patagonian icecap is flowing westwards at 17 metres a day, cutting through rainforests and ending up spectacularly in the Laguna San Rafael from a 70-metre vertical ice cliff.
So how did a 2,438 meter (8,000 foot)-thick layer of frozen water, or icecap, form on Earth's driest continent?