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IDEALISTInformation Dissemination And European Awareness Launch for the Information Society Technologies Programme
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For, of course, the idealist is as aware as anyone else of both the remarkable difference between mind and brain and the equally remarkable correlations that link them.
However, recognizing that repression and crime existed in pre-capitalist societies and continue to exist in contemporary socialist countries, some radical criminologists who could be classified within the left idealist frame have placed value upon more immediate interventions.
In this case, the leader of the Nationalist Movement Party--which is linked to the Idealist Hearths--allegedly defended the protesters saying that it was hard to differentiate between the two as both have "slanted eyes.
The panels were well-attended and the presentations generated a fruitful discussion which demonstrated the value and continuing relevance of British Idealist philosophy and of British political thought.
Explanations of this idealist position given by Ward are tentative and delve into the differences between an absolute idealism--one Absolute Mind "which progressively realizes its nature in the history of the cosmos" (p.
As many recent discussions on idealism seem to give a primary role to moral and political philosophy, it is particularly pleasing to see that this volume also gives prominent consideration to idealist metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of religion, and aesthetics.
Freedom, in this view--an idealist view--has enormous positive potential, not just for individuals but for all people as part of a fabric of diverse communities.
I did indeed suggest that Ms Gough and her colleagues both in CND Cymru and associated groups were idealists.
Because the environment does affect the way a person or organism matures, the process of maturation is a process of individuation, a process whereby the individual becomes, for example, a unique Guardian or a unique Idealist.
Furthermore, the Stratfor analysis notes that Pakistan is becoming increasingly polarized between idealists and realists.
So the argument over America's foreign policy is portrayed as a realist-versus-idealist showdown, though many Realpolitik types often exhibit a powerful idealistic bent, while romantically inclined idealists frequently adopt survival-of-the-fittest strategies.
The story of a rich idealist transformed by scandal and vice into a bitter recluse won the same accolade in 1998.